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Information regarding Holidays & Leaves for 2024-25


  1. The centre will remain closed on certain festival days, and parents will be informed in time regarding the same. The fee for the festival holidays has already been excluded from the monthly fee; therefore, no reimbursement will be made and no compensatory class/session will be given for the same.

  2. Considering the possibility of unavoidable circumstances, a maximum of 12 leaves will be reimbursed per year for the child taking classes/sessions for at least 3 days per week. 

  3. Reimbursement of leaves will be in proportion to the number of full calendar months completed by a child at the centre in an academic year. (Academic Year: 1st April to 31st March) 

  4. Leaves will be reimbursed only in the form of cover-up classes/sessions and no refund or fee adjustment will be made for the same. 

  5. Parents are advised to keep us informed about their preferred time of the day or preferred days of the week for the cover-up classes/sessions. We will try our best to schedule as per the preference. For parents who do not provide their preference, cover-up classes/sessions will be scheduled as per the availability of time slots. Once offered by the centre, a cover-up class/session cannot be rescheduled. 

  6. A leave request must reach us at least one hour before the beginning time of the class/session. Any cancellation after that will be treated as a class/session, and there will be no reimbursement for it. 

  7. A leave without information will be counted as a class/session and a leave will also be deducted from the total number of leaves allowed. 

  8. To be eligible for any cover-up sessions, the child must have taken continuous sessions for a minimum of three months without a break. Parents are advised to deposit the monthly fee within the prescribed time to maintain continuity, as late fee payment is considered a service break. 

  9. Unutilised leaves cannot be carried forward into the next academic year. 

  10.  Parents are requested to keep a record of their leaves, as it would not be possible for us to answer random queries about the number of pending leaves.


The rules at the centre are the same for all, and requests for any exceptions cannot be entertained. The centre may at any time modify these rules, and any such modification will be applicable from the next calendar month after informing the parents.


Thank you for your cooperation!

P.S. Feel free to discuss if any clarification is required.

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